Frequently Asked Questions

My club information is incorrect or not listed. How can I update it or add it?

Just fill out our Add/Remove/Update form, available here:

Anyone can update a club’s info, but remember, we will verify changes, closure notices, etc. 

Once you’ve sent us information to update your listing and included your logo and other pics, we’ll make your listed “Featured” in our directory for at least 12 months. Please see the FAQ on Featured Listings for more information. 

NOTE: We do NOT post any location’s operating hours in our directory. However, we DO provide links to your social media channels, including Facebook, where you typically have your hours listed. 

I’m a customer and my local club isn’t listed in the directory. How can it be added?

That’s easy! Just fill out our Add/Remove/Update form, available here:

A club owner can submit the information to us, or a customer. Just please make sure the information is accurate and complete. We’ll verify the information and get it added, removed, or updated. We update submissions weekly.

NOTE: Our site does not include residential clubs.

How do I notify your site that our club, or another club is closed?

Just fill out our Add/Remove/Update form, available here:

Anyone can update a club’s info, but remember, we will verify changes, closure notices, etc. 


What is a “Featured” listing?

Featured listings are always shown first in our directory (in whatever order is chosen by the user). So you’ll see all Featured listings, then regular listings. In order to have your listing Featured in our directory, the owner, manager, or operator must do the following:

  • Fill out our Add/Remove/Update Form, available here: 
  • In the form, please provide a least a graphic of the location’s logo, so we can include it as the primary picture in the location’s listing. Using the form, feel free to send up to 6 pictures, of the outside, inside, and/or menu.
  • In the form, please provide the email address for the location or owner, and the cell phone of the owner or operator. No, we do not sell or rent your contact information to anyone. We just want to have it on file and to be able to verify information, if needed. 

When a club owner or operator sends us this information, we’ll make their respective listing “Featured” for at least 6 (six) months. 


Can I add pictures to my club’s listing, such as a menu or pics of the exterior, interior, signage, logos, etc?

Yes, Yes, Yes! We think the default pic in our directory is nice looking, but what would REALLY be cool is if each location would upload their logo or a pic of their sign. Typically, a location’s Facebook profile pic is perfect for this. And feel free to upload other pics too… the inside of your location, the outside, your smiling staff, etc! 

Can I put my club’s operating hours in my listing?

We’ve chosen not to include operating hours, on purpose and for good reason. We want to keep the site as up to date as possible, and we’ve found that operating hours commonly change… whether due to staffing issues, seasonality, economic reasons, or something else. We understand you have a business to run and likely have other things to update when you tweak your hours, and you likely update your hours via your social media channels anyway. That’s why we always try to provide links to your club’s social media pages. 


How can I submit a blog or article for consideration on your website?

We love that idea, and want to help provide the public with information about Nutrition Clubs, the products they sell, and their locations. If you have an idea for a blog post, click here for more information.

What other channels do you use to market the Nutrition Club Directory website?

We’re glad you asked! We also have a Facebook Page:

We have a mobile app, which we expect to have published in the App Store and Google Play very soon.

Is this site affiliated with Herbalife?

No, it is not. We’re just a company who enjoys the products available at the locations and has a passion for finding locations when traveling. We are not a distributor, nor is anyone on our staff a distributor. We do not sell Herbalife products and we do not capture leads for Herbalife or Herbalife Distributors. We simply aggregate publicly available information, no different than any other online directory.

How may I contact someone with your website?

Just drop us a message via our online form, here:

Or, you’re welcome to send us an email at